Welcome to America.

It makes me particularly proud to be an American when I see our citizens come together like we do when tragedy strikes.

I am not sure what the motive of the suspects in the Boston terror attacks was at this moment, surely details will come out in the coming days.  No matter their intention a latent consequence of the bombing was the outpouring of support for the people of Boston. pledgeI can confidently assert that as Americans, wherever mass acts of violence or hardship occur we will always be here to support one another.

 It is clear that we have serious moments of division whether it be political, spiritual or any other issues that foster a disconnect.  Despite those divisions in moments like these we stand together as one people and it truly makes me feel fortunate to be a part of this great country.  No matter the adversity we face  we remain strong and we soldier on. This is what we will always do. Welcome to America.


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