Ribbons & Stitches is on Etsy!

Today I opened an Etsy shop and listed my first item (yes I only have one so far, but I have a bunch of things ready to be photographed). The official name of the Etsy shop is RibbonsAndStitches (you should go there and buy things), I was hoping to use an ampersand because I think it just looks good, but I wasn’t able to, so that name will just have to do.  I am hoping that this will lead to more traffic to the site in general and it will surely get the Ribbons & Stitches name out there.  I was also able to connect the account to @RibbonsStitches on Twitter, so that will again hopefully lead to the name getting out there more.

The site is nearly complete, I just have some more photographs to take for each of the posts and then just general tinkering. I would like to put this logo on the site, in lieu of the plain text that is there now, but I am afraid to mess with the php, I will get around to it though.  I still do not have a background image, but hopefully I will just take a fluke image like I did for my portfolio.  If worst comes to worst I will just go with a plain color background or I will make some kind of background in illustrator.  I am trying not to stress out about the background image because that is something that can wait until the day of the exhibition, and I will probably change it a few times before I get it right anyway.  I want it to come off vintage, but modern at the same time and I guess I am just having a difficult time making that happen.  Which is really frustrating because the portfolio picture just happened and I have taken so many pictures that just wont work for this.

Once the site is done I am going to send out the invitations via email to a list of people I compiled.  I will probably do that sometime next week once all of the videos are embedded.  I have a really strong group of people and I think it will not only get them into it but hopefully that will help it to travel by word of mouth.  All and all I am really excited about my project and I am happy with how it is turning out.  I am definitely going to continue with it after graduation, and I think it is only going to get better as my skills get better, so check back in six months and it is going to be even better than it is now!



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