Chipping away at capstone

So this week I decided that I want to add a texture to the background of the Ribbons & Stitches website.  I have a beautiful white lace that I have taken a few shots of with my camera I plan on doing more because I want to have options when I begin to decide on the final texture, and I do not want to reuse the picture from my portfolio.  I would like to separate the sites a little bit, I think it will allow Ribbons & Stitches to be its own thing.

I am also almost ready to put the videos up on the site.  It is a little nerve wracking to me to finally put them up there because I keep tweaking them every time I look at them.  I am happy with how they have all turned out and I will have eight total on there at the end of the semester.  Unless by some miracle time to do extra things comes out of thin air.  We do have a week off between the end of classes and graduation, I have thought about doing a few more things during that week so that I can start off with a lot of content.

When one of my classmates pointed out to me that I do not have anyone to join the ‘community’ yet I started recruiting my friends.  I am also going to send off the link to the site to a few other creative contacts I have and urge them to pass it along.  I am going to stay invested in the project during the summer and try to grow it as much as possible during that time.  I am hoping that will prompt people to give me ideas and feedback as to what they would like to see next.


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