RibbonsAndStitches.com is in existance!

My latest small victory has been the purchase of one ribbonsandstitches.com! There are only a few small issues with this, first the site is redirecting to my portfolio and I cannot figure out why, second I still need to get WordPress working correctly.

After conferencing with the all mighty Chris Kirkham he helped me figure out why the site was redirecting, and awesomely enough it was not my fault at all and one polite email to the wonderful customer service reps at fatcow.com and the problem was fixed so the site is now made up of an old index I made for the Application Development class.  It is just an HTML index with absolutely no CSS and no content at all about what R & S is but the good thing is that I own the site, and that I can now upload things to it and they will be going to the right place.  I am feeling pretty good right now, but I assure you that feeling is only temporary, for I still have lots to do.


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