Ribbons & Stitches is live! (and it has actual content)

I again have to credit one Mr. Kirkham with helping me get R & S up and running.  WordPress is now installed, R & S has a theme, and I have tinkered with said theme quite a bit over the weekend. Please take the time to visit us http://www.ribbonsandstitches.com I am going for a sort of artsy logo with serif letters, and as for all the written content, that is anything other than an h1 or h2 tag is a font that can be likened to Helvetica Neue Ultralight. I am really pleased with how it is coming together, and I really enjoy playing around with WordPress.

R & S also now has a twitter! Follow us @RibbonsStitches, I am planning on following a lot of the people and companies I follow on my personal Twitter, ie American Apparel, ModCloth etc.I am hoping that this will generate some people visiting the site and hopefully watching my videos and perhaps even learning from them!

I am really confident about the progress I have been making and for the first time in a few weeks I am right on schedule. On my schedule I have that all of the bugs/ issues with the site will be dealt with by April 20, that is Friday and I am expecting to fall behind on that a little bit but I think if I just keep a steady pace of working I will not have a problem.  I am really looking forward to the final product.  I really like everything I have created so far and I think it is going to end up being really unique and interesting.


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