Oh Spring Break

My initial intention for Spring Break was to make leaps and bounds with my Capstone project.  Alas that is not how it went. Even though I did not make any real headway I did fill my notebook with ideas and sketches as ideas came to mind.  I have been thinking a lot about branding and logos.  I have also come up with the name ‘Ribbons & Stitches’ which is significant because it is my initials.  I wanted something that was both representative of what I am doing and of me.  I really love the name and I think that there is a lot of potential for the logo design.

My next step is to buy a url (I think I am going to do that over adding it to my current url) and finalize the logo design and get the WordPress situation under control.  That is to say I have a lot to do and a finite amount of time to do it, yay me.


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