Hours and hours of logo design

Under pressure from Allen I started my logo design so they could get it up on the IMX website.  I toyed with it for quite some time and I really like what I have come up with.  I love the name Ribbons & Stitches and my favorite part of the logo by far is the ampersand.  It will probably change from what it is right now, but I have spent so much time on it, I need a break from looking at it and if more ideas about it come to me that would be great.

I think the next think I will focus on will be social media.  I think that twitter will be really useful because I have a lot of people and companies that will be great to follow from my own Twitter.  I am also going to start a Facebook and I think I will link the accounts up so that when I tweet a picture it will go directly through to Facebook.

Alas the only thing that is becoming difficult for me is WordPress.  I read a lot about it on when I was doing my research and I guess I just put it off, so that is my next goal. I need need need to figure out WordPress and install it so that I can really get going on this project.


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