Chipping away at capstone

So this week I decided that I want to add a texture to the background of the Ribbons & Stitches website.  I have a beautiful white lace that I have taken a few shots of with my camera I plan on doing more because I want to have options when I begin to decide on the final texture, and I do not want to reuse the picture from my portfolio.  I would like to separate the sites a little bit, I think it will allow Ribbons & Stitches to be its own thing.

I am also almost ready to put the videos up on the site.  It is a little nerve wracking to me to finally put them up there because I keep tweaking them every time I look at them.  I am happy with how they have all turned out and I will have eight total on there at the end of the semester.  Unless by some miracle time to do extra things comes out of thin air.  We do have a week off between the end of classes and graduation, I have thought about doing a few more things during that week so that I can start off with a lot of content.

When one of my classmates pointed out to me that I do not have anyone to join the ‘community’ yet I started recruiting my friends.  I am also going to send off the link to the site to a few other creative contacts I have and urge them to pass it along.  I am going to stay invested in the project during the summer and try to grow it as much as possible during that time.  I am hoping that will prompt people to give me ideas and feedback as to what they would like to see next.


Ribbons & Stitches is live! (and it has actual content)

I again have to credit one Mr. Kirkham with helping me get R & S up and running.  WordPress is now installed, R & S has a theme, and I have tinkered with said theme quite a bit over the weekend. Please take the time to visit us I am going for a sort of artsy logo with serif letters, and as for all the written content, that is anything other than an h1 or h2 tag is a font that can be likened to Helvetica Neue Ultralight. I am really pleased with how it is coming together, and I really enjoy playing around with WordPress.

R & S also now has a twitter! Follow us @RibbonsStitches, I am planning on following a lot of the people and companies I follow on my personal Twitter, ie American Apparel, ModCloth etc.I am hoping that this will generate some people visiting the site and hopefully watching my videos and perhaps even learning from them!

I am really confident about the progress I have been making and for the first time in a few weeks I am right on schedule. On my schedule I have that all of the bugs/ issues with the site will be dealt with by April 20, that is Friday and I am expecting to fall behind on that a little bit but I think if I just keep a steady pace of working I will not have a problem.  I am really looking forward to the final product.  I really like everything I have created so far and I think it is going to end up being really unique and interesting. is in existance!

My latest small victory has been the purchase of one! There are only a few small issues with this, first the site is redirecting to my portfolio and I cannot figure out why, second I still need to get WordPress working correctly.

After conferencing with the all mighty Chris Kirkham he helped me figure out why the site was redirecting, and awesomely enough it was not my fault at all and one polite email to the wonderful customer service reps at and the problem was fixed so the site is now made up of an old index I made for the Application Development class.  It is just an HTML index with absolutely no CSS and no content at all about what R & S is but the good thing is that I own the site, and that I can now upload things to it and they will be going to the right place.  I am feeling pretty good right now, but I assure you that feeling is only temporary, for I still have lots to do.

Hours and hours of logo design

Under pressure from Allen I started my logo design so they could get it up on the IMX website.  I toyed with it for quite some time and I really like what I have come up with.  I love the name Ribbons & Stitches and my favorite part of the logo by far is the ampersand.  It will probably change from what it is right now, but I have spent so much time on it, I need a break from looking at it and if more ideas about it come to me that would be great.

I think the next think I will focus on will be social media.  I think that twitter will be really useful because I have a lot of people and companies that will be great to follow from my own Twitter.  I am also going to start a Facebook and I think I will link the accounts up so that when I tweet a picture it will go directly through to Facebook.

Alas the only thing that is becoming difficult for me is WordPress.  I read a lot about it on when I was doing my research and I guess I just put it off, so that is my next goal. I need need need to figure out WordPress and install it so that I can really get going on this project.

Oh Spring Break

My initial intention for Spring Break was to make leaps and bounds with my Capstone project.  Alas that is not how it went. Even though I did not make any real headway I did fill my notebook with ideas and sketches as ideas came to mind.  I have been thinking a lot about branding and logos.  I have also come up with the name ‘Ribbons & Stitches’ which is significant because it is my initials.  I wanted something that was both representative of what I am doing and of me.  I really love the name and I think that there is a lot of potential for the logo design.

My next step is to buy a url (I think I am going to do that over adding it to my current url) and finalize the logo design and get the WordPress situation under control.  That is to say I have a lot to do and a finite amount of time to do it, yay me.

Mid March…

During the month of March I have filmed more videos for the site.  When the site starts the grand total number of videos will be around nine, depending on how many I decide to do and how the footage looks for each particular instruction.  I would like to do more, but I am going to see where I am at as things come together and see how much time I have as the semester nears its end.

I think that 8-9 instructional videos will be plenty to start with.  I also have notes about tons of little tips and tricks for beginning sewers. I have my notebook filled with little things that I have learned along the way.  I would like to make a whole page dedicated to these tips.  I would also like to include photographs of the things I am doing, not necessarily instructional in nature, but aesthetically pleasing. I think doing this would be cool because I just try to take pictures anytime I am making anything, and that is how the background picture for my portfolio cam about.

Beyond planning my main stress is WordPress.  I have played around with the idea of just building the site myself but I really want it to have a community aspect.  I think the site will have  a much better potential to grow if I go with WordPress, not only that but it will give me experience working with WordPress.  I have a lot ahead of me but I know the end product is going to be good and I just have to keep working toward that.

Prolific + Brilliant = Good Work – The Accidental Creative – Todd Henry

My thoughts about creativity have evolved a lot during the course of this year.  At first I just thought creative ideas would come to me out of thin air, and I soon realized that it just wasn’t going to happen like that for me.  Looking back on the work I did last semester, I am displeased with some of the aesthetics I used.  But at this point in time I can look back at what I did and change it to apply things that I have learned about both design and usability.

I did and interactive infographic last semester, it was kind of ugly and not at all usable to the average person.  So I left it alone for the rest of the semester and re-visited it again when I went to do my portfolio (talk about a creative break!).  The long break seemed much needed because I changed several aspects of the project and the new product is a huge improvement from what I had originally.

I think when at the beginning of last semester I was lacking the prolific part of the equation, only because I was not really sure of myself and I was stressed out.  The stress forced me to finish things that I was not totally happy with, but I just did not have the time to really evaluate what I was doing on this particular project (it was the first one) but once I was able to step back and gain more confidence it allowed my work to be more prolific.

Reading that equation made me reflect on the work I had done and it is easy to see which projects I did while I had all the elements and which ones were.  This is hlepful because it will allow me to avoid the pitfalls I ran into during the first semester with some of the creative projects I had done.