As the weeks pass my goals get more defined

It is Thursday and I am currently on schedule with the goals I set for myself.  That being said however I have several things that I did not put into my schedule that are being added as I think of them.  So I have added several goals to my schedule for the weekend.  I would like to 1. get 3 on minute videos edited 2. finish and finalize my logo and 3. develop another set of mockups that have the videos at the forefront.

I shot enough video to make four one minute videos, each video is made up of things you need as you begin to sew, and as it will be a community I want to set it up in such a way that users can ask me questions and I can post videos in response. I keep thinking about new things as I go along, and I think it is going to be really great in the end.

As I work on the video I am thinking about the design of the site.  I think that I would like the videos to be the main focus of the home page, because that will hopefully be what draws the user in.  I would like the videos to look clean and organized and I want them to be arranged logically i.e. I want them to begin with easier subjects and move on to harder things.

When I shoot the next set of videos I am going to focus on some things that are slightly more difficult.  I am going to make a table runner for a summer table, a zipper, and a pants hem.  I have done all of these things on my own and (to me) they seem like the logical next step from the videos I have already done.

As for the things I am going to sell, I would like to have 6-9 things, possibly different variations of things that I have on the instructional videos, but also a few things that are not included.  However if a user makes a request for me to do instruction on how to make something I have put for sale, I would definitely do that.

I am very concentrated on the content at this point and I am going to build the site on WordPress.  So as soon as I am through with the finalization of my design and finish the first set of videos I am going to concentrate on getting the site together.  Now I am thoroughly stressed out, it will be a fun spring break this year.


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