Things are beginning to happen

This week I (with much help from my fellow imedia’ers (Chris, Kate, Kelli, Brittany, & Mrs. Chris)) did the first shoot for my series of instructional videos for the site.  As is to be expected with any kind of production work it took a while to get every shot I had in my notes, and things changed once I really started thinking about how I wanted things to be shot.  All in all I think it went great and I think I will have a great first set of instructional videos to start with.

I am hoping to have the videos edited in full by the end of the week.  So far I am on schedule, and hopefully I can keep it that way.  That being said I have my work cut out for me and I have been adding little details to my schedule to keep myself on track.  Once I am through editing the first set of videos I am going to dive into making more mockups for the site so that I can decide on a final design.  I would like to keep it clean and simple while at the same time stylish and modern.  I have a few mockups that I created already and I would like to build off of those.  I am very excited to finalize the design for the site, so stay tuned because it is going to be awesome.


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