Response to Postman’s ideas about technological change

First Idea:

I never really looked at technology as a trade off.  I guess I always blindly assumed it would always be improving our lives and making information more accessible and generally making life easier. The analogy with the automobile struck me, cars have caused pollution and they have helped to design the entire infrastructure of our country.  WIthout them the world would be a very different place.  I never put much thought into what was lost culturally from technology, but it is clear many things fall to the wayside as technology furthers, even from when this article was written so many things have changed.

Second Idea:

As I was reading on to the second idea I was trying to find a flaw with my iphone, and how it applied to the first idea.  I could not think of how it was detrimental to our society, it is my most important possession it houses all of my information and everything I need on a daily basis can be accessed from my phone.  However it did not occur to me until reading the second idea that not everyone has an iphone.  It is a relatively expensive service to have, and the phone itself is somewhat costly.  So there are many people being left in the dust as far as expensive electronics go, so even though there are some good things coming from these smartphone devices many people are not able to experience them.

Fifth idea:

For me, and many of my classmates I’m sure, technology has always been a part of life.  When I first entered school computers and new ways of learning were coming out, and throughout my elementary years I used computers consistently.  It is hard for me to think what my life would be like without a computer everyday.  I suppose I do idolize technology because of all the things it has allowed me to do and the accessibility I have on a daily basis.  However old habits die hard, and it is difficult for me to think of technology as an “intruder” because it seems to have never intruded on my life, it has always just been there.  Pulling thoughts from the other ideas however shows many drawbacks to computers and technology, and it is important to think about the consequences of readily accepting technology as it comes without considering what damage it might do.


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