Starting with the Capstone project

My design is still in the works obviously, and my plan for my actual project is pretty clear to me.  I would like to develop a line of simple sewing crafts and sell them on my site.  Not only do I want to sell them but I also want to showcase my process in doing so.  I would also like to visually represent where I get my inspiration from, I think I would like the ‘inspiration’ page to be the home page.  So when a user first enters the site there will not only be a visually pleasing element but it will also allow them to see where my ideas are coming from.  I am sure my ideas will change and grow over the semester, but this is what I am starting with.

During the first week of the semester to prepare for my capstone project I looked at a lot of similar websites for inspiration.  I want my capstone website to have some vintage inspiration while at the same time being modern.  So I looked at a number of vintage inspired sites to get ideas.  I currently have a set of mockups, they however lack the vintage inspiration I want to convey.  But I think that they are a good jumping off point.  Next week I want to create a new set of mockups that are closer to what I want.  I do really like what I have put together so far, but I want to build from that and come up with something better.

In the coming weeks I would like to really nail down what items I plan on making for the site.  As I said I would like the items to be easy for me to create but at the same time I would like them to be really interesting things that are unique to me.  I have a few ideas, but I would like at the very least eight unique things to put on the site, I need to start sketching and testing out how difficult it will be for me to make the concepts I have come up with.


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