Seeing the Capstone more clearly…

Telling my classmates about my project spurred some really neat ideas for me.  Rather than concentrating on selling the things I make, I am going to concentrate on making how to instructions for users.  I still plan on selling some things that I have made, simply because that was my initial plan and I want to gain more experience developing a website.  However the how to will definitely be a large part of what I want to do.

Rather than providing instructional videos on difficult things I plan to instruct users on things that are easier in nature.  My thought is that not everyone will have a working sewing machine, I often hear people saying while they have a sewing machine, but it does not function properly.  So to encompass as many users as possible I want to show users how to make things that require simple stitching, either simple straight stitches or a small amount of hand stitching.

I also want to focus the instructional videos on re-purposing old clothing, or left over fabrics.  I often make things with something I have purchased at a thrift store, or with scraps of fabric that are too small to apply to a pattern.  I also want to focus on how to repair things, if I did not have the ability to fix my clothes I would toss them all the time.  I am always repairing my jeans because I never want to get rid of that perfect pair of jeans, nobody does.  Doing these things is really simple and I think users would be interested in how to prolong the life of their favorite clothing.  When I first realized that I had the ability to fix my clothes it made my month.  Many repairs to clothing can be done easily with hand stitching, allowing any user this opportunity.

As I am getting into this project I am getting really excited to start being able to sew and call it school work. I started taking photographs for my presentation next week, and I have come away with some great pictures that I love, and it makes me feel really positive about the visuals I will be able to create with this project.  I think the fact that I am basing the Capstone off of something I enjoy so much is going to make me more enthusiastic about what I am doing.  I say that, but check with me in fourteen weeks and see if what I am saying has changed any.


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