More ideas changing the Capstone

After presenting my project formally I have been prompted to refine my schedule.  Which at this point in time seems daunting.  I am really nervous about all of the deadlines coming directly from me, because I am not sure how long things are going to take me, or what obstacles I might run into along the way.  However my project is becoming more clear to me as the days go on I think that will allow me to be more clear about my schedule.

I think presenting the project  more formally to my classmates let me flesh out my ideas more.  Instead of making my how to projects simple I will make them how ever I want, in order to attract a certain type of user.  I am thinking that at first (to perhaps get traffic) I will do videos on how to do things that intimidate most like zippers.  Everyone is afraid to do zippers but they are extremely easy, I actually got a dress that had a faulty zipper for $3 at a store because they could not sell it.  I then replaced the zipper in about 15 minutes and I had a brand new dress that was three bucks.

I am thinking that I will start with a basic set of videos and then build on that as I go.  Threading a machine can also be a daunting task, but most machines are about the same, and they often have hidden instructions.  There are many tips and tricks I have found that I can share with users, that they might not know about.  I think that a lot of people have machines but are unclear as to how to use them.  I would like to do a small amount of instruction on how to use and maintain a machine in order to have it working at its best.

My goal from starting with basic videos is to build a community (an idea again spurred by classmates) that is interested in sewing and furthering their skills.  I have looked around and there is nothing like this.  There are a few poorly designed non-intuitive sites around, but they seem targeted toward an older demographic.   While I am really targeting any demographic my site will provide several things that others do not.  I will provide clear stepping stones for learning, as well as organization and design.  Hopefully all of these things together will be the basis for a community of people that want to learn and share.


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