Using my Flash skill yet again

I find myself yet again using Flash for another class.  For the theory class we have to make an interactive version of our papers.  So naturally in order to facilitate interactivity I turned to Flash.  Every time I use Flash I feel that I learn something new.

The code snippets that are available within Flash was something I discovered in my most recent foray.  I am seriously in love with this feature because it gives you a clear explanation of what the code snippet does, and it gives clear directions as to what you need to do in order to make the code work for your particular project.

However useful the code library may be I wish there was more, and I would like to be able to search for actions.  That is to say, if I wanted something to disappear on the click of a button, I would like to search that action and be directed to the code for that.  Alas google will remain my everlasting friend.


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