Working in Flash, yet again

I have been building my skills in flash throughout this semester.  And the opportunity to use Flash in another production class came about, most everyone else was quick to use after effects for the (Motion Typography) assignment.   However since I have spent so much time watching Lynda videos for Flash I decided to use it for the assignment.

There were some conceptual bumps along the road, but ultimately I was happy with the final product.  I was also happy with the fact that every time I work with Flash I learn something new, which is always a gratifying feeling.  To date I feel the most comfortable with the Flash interface and I feel that I have become fairly good at troubleshooting it.  If I encounter a problem, I have noticed, that I am usually able to fix whatever is wrong without having a freakout.  Which is a nice change of pace from the beginning of the semester.

I do still want to know other programs as well as I know Flash, but I am glad to have this asset on my side.  After a semester of work I am glad to be so comfortable with a program that was initially so foreign to me.  I hope to expand my knowledge as the year progresses and I am looking forward to seeing where I am at at the end of the year.


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