Gratification that comes from working with Flash

At this point in the semester I can confidently say that the program I am the most comfortable with is Adobe Flash CS5.5.  After watching countless Lynda videos and spending hours trying to make projects as perfect as I could, I feel good about my current skill level.  I find myself wanting to learn more about how to make things work in Flash, and I am disappointing when I hear the naysayers talking about the death of Flash.

I have heard both opinions about the life and death of Flash.  I do not know what to believe when this topic comes up.  I do not know how the technological community could allow a program that has so many unique features to go by the wayside.  But with the recent announcement from Adobe about Flash Mobile coming to an end, it seems more feasible that Flash will begin to take on different roles.

When I began the iMedia program I did not think that I would have a favorable opinion of Flash, I credit my liking of the program to the constant assignments forcing us to learn more and to push ourselves as well as my new best friend  I am hoping that I will be able to continue working with it in the future.  I want to get more in depth training and learn more about it, even if people say that it is not going to stay around.  It is a great interactive tool that has a ridiculous amount of possibilities.

I do not think Flash is doomed to go away forever, I think that it will simply have to adapt to a different environment.  In order for Flash to adapt to these recent changes Flash developers will need to think of new ways to present Flash to the user and to keep the user interested.  I am looking forward to seeing how Flash will grow and change as HTML5 becomes more prevalent, I do not think it will be going away anytime soon.


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