Status Report: My developing relationship with Adobe Flash

It is roughly six weeks into my experience with Flash and the beginnings of confidence are starting to emerge.  However I am fully prepared for Flash’s mighty hand to come down on me with all its might.  Until that happens, I remain cautiously optimistic.

I credit much of my new found understanding to the students around me, for they have been a major source of clarity for me when it comes to this particular program.  There is no greater feeling than to input action script given to you by another student, and to have it work perfectly.  Six weeks ago I did not realize that my happiness would be dependent on a successful movement to the left or right with a mouse over. For me the movement through projects is slow going, but I have been pleased with all of my end results. I have come to know that simplistic Flash success excites me, and I find myself paying attention to small details.

The other day I made the comment ‘I love your buttons!’ about another student’s project, and his reply was ‘I bet you didn’t think you would be admiring Flash buttons before this’.  Alas no, I did not think that at all, however I cannot stop myself from deconstructing the things I see and thinking about them on a deeper level.

My troubleshooting skills have been improving noticeably, and I do not feel the same panic stricken feeling I once did when something goes awry.  I have taken to going back to my old projects and enhancing them, or fixing what may have been imperfect with them.  Fixing the things that were incorrect in my past projects has given me an enormous amount of gratification, because it shows me that I am moving forward and making progress.  I have come to view my relationship with Flash as a steady unyielding climb, to hopefully, a point of clear understanding.


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