Flash Flash Flash

My initial impression of Adobe Flash was that it was going to be a very difficult program to learn and utilize.  Well guess what? I was right!  I have for the most part really enjoyed everything that I have created with flash, no matter how many hours it took me to get there.  It may not look like I have spent a lot of time on my projects, due to their simplicity, however everything I do in Flash takes me 967 hours, though that is just a rough estimate.

My strategy thus far has been to stay within my bounds with Flash, because I feel like any time I reach too far with it I end up having to start over again, which is never any fun (especially after the initial 967 hours).  I have been trying to keep it simple at this point and just practice what simple things I know over and over.  This has been working for me so far, I have been becoming more comfortable with Action Script 3.0.  I feel, at this point, that I can understand the simple code and I can determine what my errors are when I have them.

My main source of concentration with my Flash projects has been organization and labeling.  I make sure to label every layer as I create it, and naming every button with an instance name as soon as it is created is an absolute must.  I learned quickly that when things are organized problems are much easier to deal with.  As one can guess output errors are no stranger to me.

I would say that my main anxiety in this second week of classes has been with flash.  In an effort to ebb my anxieties I watched a few videos from lynda.com, not to be dramatic, but this just frightened me more, good thing I won’t give up that easily.  So onwards and upwards with learning Flash!



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